Speaking topics and schedule


Obey - A Small Word That's a Big Deal

 What does it truly mean to obey God ... and why is it harder some days than others? Using Matthew 22:34-40, we will discover God's plan for obedience. The plan itself is extremely simple, but in our sinful nature, we often make obedience harder than it needs to be. Together we will learn some positive and practical ways to practice obedience in our daily lives. 

Free to be Me

Discover Who You are and Uncover Who You Want to Be.  This presentation is an interactive way to learn more about yourself and others around you. We will learn about different personalities and how we can best understand and relate to each to each other.

Building Blocks

Giving Your Kids a Firm Foundation in a Shaky World. This talk offers some basic foundational parenting principles to get your kids off to a  good start in life. 

Making Quiet Time More than Just a Coffee Break

This talk was written to help women get started with a daily devotional time or enhance the time they are already spending with God. It offers practical advice on why we should spend quiet time with God, what should that time look like and tools for what to study.